Our a-sexual cat?

Lead character : Our cat Koetje, meaning little cow in Dutch. The kids pick the name of our pets, not me.

Problem: Urinal blockages due to struvite crystals.

Solution : Penile amputation, auch.


After our cat Koetje had quite a few urinal blockages due to struvite crystals, and had many animal hospital sleepovers (costing us a small fortune), we decided, after the vet showed us some high tech program about how crystals form and obstruct the urinary canal, to opt for a penile amputation. At this point he was back in hospital, only two months after his last episode. This time he equally had a life threatening kidney infection due to the obstruction. It was time to take action.

If you are like me, you never heard of such a horrible thing. Penile Amputation… If you’re a guy, your probably shivering in horror. You’re thinking, poor lad, that it seems a bit…drastic. Right? It’s not like they amputate a humans dingeling if he has kidney stones that can’t pass. Or do they? Imagine…or don’t.


Koetje with his cone of shame

Well, our cat isn’t a human and we had tried everything before. Different kinds of foods, pastes, bladder rinses, meds and many many trips to the vet. We love our cats. All three of them and I believe that if you decide to have pets, you will do all that you can to give the best quality of life possible to your pet.

We prayed and talked about it and we looked up a lot of information on this operation before deciding that this was the best thing to do.

It’s now been a week and half ago. We will be traveling back to the vet this evening to see if he is allowed to get rid of the, how my b-dad likes to calls it, “the cone of shame”

My b-dad has also asked me if our cat Koetje looks at me with sad eyes asking : “why?”  Or he was wandering if I wasn’t worried about Koetje getting bullied by the other local cats.

I’m just glad that he is back at home and that he hopefully wont have to suffer anymore in the future. He is being pampered by everyone and he loves the attention. As you can see in the pic above, he doesn’t like being alone .

So,did any of your pets have the same operation? How are they doing after the op? Did your cat behave differently? Did other methods help your cat? I’d like to hear some tips and stories.




Cat hair in your coffee? Well now you can…in Vienna!

After three years of disagreements with the city of Vienna, the first cat café in Austria has opened its doors. The adversity was mainly due to the hygiene factor, but now the 47-year-old Japanese Takako Ishimitsuyet has gotten the green light for her lifetime dream.

In Vienna you can now go to ‘Cafe Neko’, “you’ll – never – guess – what – the – cat – does” in Japanese. Not very original because there is already a cat café named Neko, but you would have to travel to Tokyo for that one.

You will be welcomed by Sonja, Thomas Moritz, Luca and Momo, five cats that have come directly from a animal shelter. You will have to take the risk of maybe finding cat hair in your coffee but if you decide to go, you probably wouldn’t mind. Or maybe your used to it anyway. I know I find cat hair e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e-!

What do you think? Great idea or another business fail? I, personally would love to go visit that café. Gosh, that would give me a reason to visit Vienna! Vienna, cats and coffee. Me like big time! But heu, what about the dogs? Will they be allowed to come in for a cuppa you think?

The purrrrrrrfect cup of coffee

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