Cat hair in your coffee? Well now you can…in Vienna!

After three years of disagreements with the city of Vienna, the first cat café in Austria has opened its doors. The adversity was mainly due to the hygiene factor, but now the 47-year-old Japanese Takako Ishimitsuyet has gotten the green light for her lifetime dream.

In Vienna you can now go to ‘Cafe Neko’, “you’ll – never – guess – what – the – cat – does” in Japanese. Not very original because there is already a cat café named Neko, but you would have to travel to Tokyo for that one.

You will be welcomed by Sonja, Thomas Moritz, Luca and Momo, five cats that have come directly from a animal shelter. You will have to take the risk of maybe finding cat hair in your coffee but if you decide to go, you probably wouldn’t mind. Or maybe your used to it anyway. I know I find cat hair e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e-!

What do you think? Great idea or another business fail? I, personally would love to go visit that café. Gosh, that would give me a reason to visit Vienna! Vienna, cats and coffee. Me like big time! But heu, what about the dogs? Will they be allowed to come in for a cuppa you think?

The purrrrrrrfect cup of coffee

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