Excuse me? Soldier’s Wife Gives Baby Up For Adoption While Dad Is Gone

Hi guys. It’s been some time since my last post. Much has been going on and I hope to be able to blog about it in the near future.

But for the time being I wanted to share an article with you ‘Soldier’s Wife Gives Baby Up For Adoption While Dad Is Gone, Takes Nearly Two Years To Get Her Back

Have you heard about the story? I will try to explain it in a nutshell.

  • An Army drill instructor and his wife are expecting a baby
  • The army officer prepares for the coming of his child. Picked out the name Teleah and had leave approved by his commanding officers.
  • As I understood it, the expecting mother was become increasingly worried about ending up as single mom, this is probably due to the fact that there have been marital problems and so she suggested an abortion or adoption. The father was stationed in South Carolina, but let his wife stay in Texas to be near her family for the upcoming birth.
  • The expectant mother left ten days after her husband left Texas, to go to Utah where she began the adoption procedure.
  • She cut off all contact with her husband prior to giving birth on March 1, 2011.
  • The husband hadn’t heard from his wife until she phoned him in June. Informing him about the adoption.
  • Teleah was given the name Leah by her adoptive parents.
  • After 21 months the father regained his legal rights as her father and  a judge has ordered the Utah couple to return their adopted toddler to her biological father .

This story just so disturbing. It goes against everything adoption is meant to do and then some …Adoption isn’t a game. It’s not a means for biological parents to exact some sick sort of revenge on someone else. It’s a way for biological parents and would-be adoptive parents to come together with a common goal: to give a child a great life.

My heart goes out the father, who was anticipating her birth only to be deceived and robbed of his daughter first years on this world.

My heart equally goes out to the adoptive parents who have been ordered to give the girl back to her dad in 60 days, because one person didn’t understand what this was all about: Tira Bland, Achane’s now ex-wife, who allegedly set this whole adoption scheme up behind his back. They have loved her, cared for her, making plans for her but in the end, they will have to let it all go and are expected to just hand her over and forget.

But my heart goes out to the biggest victim in this all. Little Teleah, or will she remain Leah? Adoption is supposed to be about the kids and what is in their best interests, and this case has done anything but give this little girl a good start in life. Again, someone has been let down by the system.

What do you think?

Why would you read the Bible? Bus adventures


So, sitting on the bus today reading my kindle and this lady comes and sits next to me. She starts chatting away which I don’t mind and we ended up talking about a lot of stuff. It was really nice. Then she looks at my kindle and asks,

what are you reading?

I answer :”The Bible“.

She looked at me with surprise in her eyes, looking like she was trying to figure out if I was joking but when she saw that I was serious

she asked “why would you do that?”

I said because “It teaches me about Jesus and it helps me in life. It’s kind of like a life manual, you can find many answers in it”

“Oh” was her only response.

She fell silent for the rest of the journey (prolly thinking that I’m a nutter, like some do…)so, I just prayed for her. I don’t care what people think, I care about how God thinks of me.



Teens and Porn

As a mother of two teens, I was appalled when reading this headline in the Daily Mail :

Mother of four-year-old girl raped by boy, 14, blasts judge who freed him because he had been corrupted by internet porn for ‘cheap sentence’

This is scary! Not only can porn be viewed on the computer, but it can be viewed on almost anything linked to the web. Cellphones, PSP’s, tablets…

Even when you are not looking for porn or nudity, it sometimes finds its way into your daily browsing. I have seen obscene pictures on blogs and have seen quite a few on Instagram too. Luckily you can report it, like on Facebook and such, but it was too late for my poor little eyes. Yuck!

So even if we come across it, unwillingly, that’s how easy it will be when our kids start looking for it, willingly. Tongue twister, sorry.

So my question to you is, what are YOU going to do to keep your kids and yourself safe from porn. Or do you think that it is harmless? Are the one who says, “ah, if they will want to see it, they will find it?” True, but it is your responsibility to talk to your kids and to make them aware of the dangers that it brings.

Am I over reacting you think? I’m sorry, but porn IS dangerous!

  • It’s as addictive as crack
  • It gives one the a false illusion of how sex should be.
  • It destructs intimacy in a relationship.
  • Porn is degrading to the women (and to men) , many of whom are forced into making pornography.
  • In most of the movies, pictures there is no condom in sight. So, no safe sex and that can result in STD’s and AIDS.
  • Warped Thinking and Desensitization

And I could go on.

Still not convinced? Then maybe you should watch this following clip. It’s one of Mark Driscoll‘s sermons on pornography :

So again, what will you do to make your kids aware of the dangers of pornography? I hope you’ll do something, because even if you think that your child doesn’t look for it…you could be left very surprised.

Tips for parents and teens:

www.focusonthefamily.com :Advice for Parents of Teen Porn Addicts

www.selfhelpmagazine.com : Parents, Get a Clue: What Teens are Really Doing Online Plus: Tips on How to Talk to Your Teen about Internet Safety




Mother posts video of daughter being bullied on to Facebook

As another year of school is ending, a story of a bully has surfaced in Belgium. This most shocking story made the news.

On the 26th of June 2012, Kayleigh who is 13 years old, was the victim of bullying while she was waiting for her bus in Roeselare, Belgium. Two of the bullies have filmed the poor girl’s ordeal with their mobile phone and have uploaded it to YouTube. The film has been removed but you can still see it on Facebook, where it has been shared over a 65,000 times. It is Kayleigh who wanted to keep this video in circulation with the help of her mother, so she could start a petition against bullying. I, as a parent and as a victim of bullying in the past , am appalled! Take a look for yourself on Facebook.

Kayleigh’s mom posted it to Facebook to raise bullying awerness

Now, did you watch it? Did anything catch your eye? No one was helping the girl. Kids were staring, adults were passing by, yet nobody made it stop, they all just watched and let it happen.

If you are like the average person you neither encourage nor act to stop bullying when you see it happening.

A small percentage of people will jump in and join the bullying or will cheer the bully on. An even smaller percentage of people will actively get involved to stop the bullying. But the most common response people have when they see bullying is to do nothing.

Inaction is like adding fuel to the bullying fire. A bully likes an audience because the bully can control those who watch by creating the fear that they could be next. The people who join in with a bully may seem to be offering a bully the most positive reinforcement but in reality it is the vast majority of people who do nothing that keep that bully bullying.

Now as a Christian, I believe that we are called to play an unusual role in dealing with bullies. It is not a role the world plays—filled with anger and vengeance. It is not a role of passivity. It is not a role of hate. In other words, it’s not easy.

We are called to love our enemies, to pray for them, but to stand firm against unrighteousness and injustice. We are called to draw a line in the sand about our beliefs. We aren’t aggressive, but we are assertive. We aren’t boastful, but we are confident about our God’s wishes for His people. Most importantly, we can’t ignore the problem. remember that Jesus did not stand back and simply watch others being bullied. He had the courage to step in and stop it. Do you remember the story of the adulterous woman who was brought before him in John 8? The Pharisees thought they would trap Jesus with a little “holy bullying.”  They dragged the adulteress before Him. The woman had even been caught in the act. The Pharisees were ready to stone her. With stones in hand, they confronted Jesus. Even at the risk of physical harm, Jesus did not back down. He defended the woman until one by one, her accusers left. Then he offered her words of love and hope.

Ignoring a true bully doesn’t make the bullying stop. It just fuels his or her need for power. So what does help? First, pray for God’s wisdom in the situation. Understand that God loves you, and all His people, and wants not one of His children to be victimized in any way. Then, if there are physical threats or violence, get to somewhere safe and tell someone in authority. If the bullying is of an emotional nature, determine to respectfully take a stand on what you believe God is calling you to do. If it’s important enough, then be strong.

While that’s not a guarantee a bully will back down, it’s a start to developing a bully-proof life. Really, it’s a start to building moral courage in your heart. And bullies can’t stand that.

I believe God calls us to a life of passion for His people, and sometimes that takes moral courage. In fact, it’s going to take a lot of moral courage to address the injustices in this world. And it’s going to take a righteous indignation like Jesus had about the temple money changers. And it just might start with facing the bully in your life.

Jeff Dunham -The guy who talks to his hand

Jeff Dunham, American comedian, with his puppe...

Image via Wikipedia

I just had to get this of my chest.

Jeff Dunham visited and came to further soil the country that I have adopted. Belgium.

I really started getting annoyed when many of my “Facebook friends” statuses started to take over my screen with remarks as to how funny he was and how great and blablabla.

Now seriously, I’m not some overly conservative mom (hellloooo teenmom here at 15) I can even have a laugh while flipping the channels and spotting JackAss, but this guy, Jeff Dunham. Oh boy.

Once upon a time, ventriloquist were meant to entertain children and so of course if your child is flipping threw the channels and see’s this guy with one of his puppets,well, of course your child will stop and watch it. Mine did. If I start talking to them about a certain Jeff Dunham, they ask me “who?”. When I then say -whilst pretending that my hand is a puppet- “Silence, I’ll kill you”, well that’s totally different, then they understand straight away of whom I’m talking about and start laughing like hyena’s.

I then, very momly of myself, start gesturing and summing up reasons as to whyyyyy I don’t find him funny. My kids are goods kids and they agreed to some point, but I’m not stupid. I know the next time they see him on tv, they won’t zap, unless I’m around.

I find that the Jeff Dunham Show is both hateful and hatefully unfunny with his racist, homophobic, misogynistic, anti-semitic puppets. It is disgusting because the racism, homophobia, misogyny and anti-semitism that he expounds is never funny, nor does it ever have any kind of point to it other than to express a genuine worldview as it seems, because, well, so many people love him and find his ‘jokes’ great, so making fun of your gay neighbor is normal. Declaring that all colored people are on crack, sure, why not?

And if you find his jokes amusing, well, I’m sorry to say, but there might be (for sure) something wrong with your point of view on the world.

In the end, I’m not going to make this an angry rant at some person who talks to his hand for a living (I can see your lips move sir), I just want to warn you parents out there that letting your children watch this is just not right. I don’t care if you are trying to avoid your teens wrath because they think your too strict or because they say that all their friends are allowed to watch it from their parents, they still have to listen to you and you still have to raise this kid that God has blessed you with, without them thinking that making fun of gay people or different races is normal, cause it’s not!

source : Videogun

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