A Royal Wedding based on Disney?

I came across this pic on Facebook and well, I loved the Royal Wedding, but this was just too funny not to post.

I loved Kate’s dress, yet rumor has it , it’s not one of a kind. The horror!!!….And my dear William, you did remind me vaguely of some romantic Disney character, just a shame it looked better on him….

As to the sister’s, princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, oh boy, didn’t they have any friends who are honest enough to tell them how they truly looked like? They did not only remind me of the awful stepsisters, but reminded me too of that movie called the “Sweetest thing”. If you have seen it , then you remember the part where Christina Appelgate and Cameron Diaz are in dire need of a wedding attire because the got covered in rotjuice, fungus secretion or whatever you call that wet stuff coming from a rotting tuna sandwich. I think it was a tuna sandwich.

Cameron Diaz, Christina Appelgate

Btw, I don’t know who came up with this clever Disney pic, but feel free to let me know.

Have a great weekend!

Attention Teenagers! NO is a complete sentence!

My son of fifteen behaved like a teen and disobeyed one of the house rules this past weekend. I know, it shocking. I guess he’s come to the stage were he will still do whatever he wants and calls me un-sympathetic towards him for telling him to do the one chore he has. I’ts crazy how they have done something wrong and you’re the one who ends up felling unhappy, stressed, crazy and guilty. I’m working on that.

So, I’ve grounded him for two weeks , no friends, no games, NO COMPUTER.


And so he thought that he could outwit me by using the WI-FI on his phone. I anticipated that step and changed the name of our connection plus password and this is what he got to see while trying to acces it when he was alone at home.

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Top 10 List of what this Mommy REALLY wants..

10. To be able to eat a whole tub of Ben ‘n Jerry’s alone. Crème fraiche? But of course!

9. To have my 16 year-old daughter answer a question without rolling her eyes in that “Why is this person my mother?”.

8. Five pounds of chocolate that won’t add twenty.

7. Not having any kid yell at the toilet door that “it’s an emergency” or “just” wants to ask a question the second I sit down with my favorite magazine.

6. A full time cleaning,cooking,grocery shopping and ironing person – period!

5. For one of my teenagers to announce “Hey, Mom! I got a full scholarship and a job all in the same day!

4. Having a pleasant unexpected visit from a friend- WHEN THE HOUSE IS CLEAN.

3. To have a family meal without a discussion about bodily secretions or having to hear the phrase “mom, make her/him stop looking at me”.

2. To be able to have enough warm water for a shower myself .

1. For my “babies” to never have to grow up.

Have a great day,

10 differences between Canadians and Americans

No, I’m not American!!! And I’m so tired of having to say that sentence over and over again.

When people here in Belgium,  hear me speak English, they always ask me if I’m American. Like the Americans are the only ones to speak English in the world. I NEVER ever had anyone ask me if I was Canadian. I even got someone who asked me if  I was British, go figure!

So I’m just going to point out 10 differences between us Canadians and Americans. I’ll be nice.

  • Canadians will say “eh” pronounced “ay” after every freakin sentence (I’m guilty) , Americans start every sentence with “like” and end it with “whatever“.
  • Canadians pronounce the letter “Z” –zee, Americans –zed.
  • Canada has a Prime Minister, America a President.
  • Canada has a “highway”, Americans a “freeway”.
  • We call our 1$ a loonie and our 2$ a toonie. Americans just call them dollars or bucks.
  • We have public health care insurance for everyone, gun control, and  almost no history of slavery . America …well…
  • Canada has provinces and territories, America has states.
  • Canada produced Céline Dion. America ,Barbara Streisand.
  • Summer starts for us when it stops snowing, in the States it’s in July.
  • It is ILLEGAL in Canada to use the letter “O” without putting a “U” after it! (As in “Colour” or “Poutine“)

Ok, some of that wasn’t very nice, but  it’s really hard “eh”, definitely after the Americans made the South Park movie ” Bigger, longer & uncut“. Oh yes, I’ve had to listen to people singing “Blame Canada many times. Thank you very,very much Mister Trey Parker.


Does anybody have any other differences?