One thought on “#beingadopted

  1. Arthur Jules. says:

    Please carefully evaluate this strong statement before accepting it as an absolute truth.

    First the word “hardest”.
    Even though it is qualified with “one of the…”. it is the superlative to “harder” and quite subjective. What is “hard” or “harder” for one person may not be as “hard”, or perhaps even be “easy” or a non issue for an other.

    Next is the “sometimes”
    On the scale between the “never” and “always” rule, “sometimes” is the exception when compared to “often” , the latter being “most of the time”.

    Thirdly, “forever” means “infinitely”, i.e. without end and that is a very long time.

    Leaving strong statements as the above with the psychiatrists and their patients who are “emotionally scarred for life”, perhaps you would want to rephrase the issue with a more positive approach, for example:.

    One of the challenges about being adopted is that certain personal issues can take time before they are being resolved!.


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