Happy Mother’s day – 15th of August

“Whaaaaat? Did she fall on her head?” 

No, I do know that May has long gone and that we have started the last two weeks of the summer holiday. Yeah mums, another two weeks and the kids are back in school, whoehoe! *do a little dance*

Ok, that was a small detour, but I’m back.

One of the many benefits of living in Belgium, Antwerp province to be more precise, is that we have two mother days. Well, that’s not entirely true, most “Antwerpians” celebrate it in August, but schools get the kids crafting in May due to the fact that there is no school in the summer.
My husband usually (“forgot” this year) gets me flowers in May, me being Canadian and all, but it’s in August when I get the goodies.

BTW, it’s called Moederdag or Moederkesdag in Dutch here.

Why is it on the August the 15th you might ask? Well, the primary religion here in Belgium is Catholicism and 15 August is considered the Day of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a day celebrating Mother Mary’s being taken bodily to heaven at her death. It is even a public holiday here in Belgium, darn bakery that’s closed across the street.

So the only thing that I don’t really understand and maybe someone can explain it to me, is that mother’s day, celebrated on the 15th of August, only happens in Antwerp and not in the rest of Belgium. What’s up with that?

Anyway, I’m going to enjoy a relaxing bath with all the nice bath products that I received from the kids, brew myself some nice rooibos tea in the new teapot I received from the hubby and then this evening : SUSHI. Vegi for me considering my prengnancyness, but still delish!

So to all you ladies out there, have another happy Mother’s day, from Antwerp.

Big love!


Mother's Day Breakfast table plus dog.

Mother’s Day Breakfast table plus dog (and kid’s diary for some reason)

As you can see, getting up in the morning to surprise mom is a tiring thing.

As you can see, getting up in the morning to surprise mom is a tiring thing.

Another proof that getting up  for (step)mom is tiring.
Another proof that getting up for (step)mom is tiring.



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2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s day – 15th of August

  1. R.J. says:

    Assumption of the Blessed Virgin has been celebrated on August 15 since the 6th century and is a national holiday in most predominant Catholic and Eastern Orthodox countries. So Antwerpeners have it right, the others…?
    Btw, August 15th is National Acadian Day and was celebrated today in the Canadian Maritimes (and in Saint Aubin, France) by the Acadians, whose patron saint is … the Virgin Mary.

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