1 egg

Had the pick up today. It wasn’t a great day. I already had a bad feeling that I couldn’t shake.

The vaginal ultra sound machine was broke, so the doctor needed to use another one, not really as well equipped for pick ups..so the doctor was frustrated..l was in pain…the result : 1 egg.

Then the hubby needed to transport the potential egg to another hospital where it needs to be fertilized, but the electricity lighter thingy in the car wasn’t working properly ( the box needs to be plugged in to keep warm) so the hubby needed to hold it down while driving.

1 egg… Better than none. First IVF trial I was pregnant with one egg, but it wasn’t meant to be. So who knows this time? But I’m keeping the faith, I’m at peace, if it’s not now, maybe next time. We still have three more tries. Thank God for the Belgian health system. You get 6 trials repaid by your health insurance here.

We will know tomorrow if the egg is an embryo. Fingers crossed.

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