Trial number 3 and Mother’s day

I want to first of all start by saying :

Happy Mother’s day to you all. Every woman is a mother to someone in some way… whether spiritual, emotional, adoptive, or biological. To all of you, happy Mother’s Day. God loves you!

My third trial began last Monday and like the second it’s the Antogonist protocol. I seem to react better on it. So for the last 7 days I’ve been injecting myself with 200ml Gonal F and the nurse injected me with Cetrocide that just came out of the fridge (not pleasant).


The doctor could see that I had about 5 follicles (my reserves are down) and he decided to do the pick up this coming Thursday. It baffles me each time how short the protocol is. Thank God! I’m sweating like a pig and having restless nights. Please tell me that I’m not the only one?

So, there you go, a quick recap of what has been going on. I hope to hear from you guys, give me some positive news!!!



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6 thoughts on “Trial number 3 and Mother’s day

  1. Wishing you much luck! I do not produce a lot of eggs either, on day 5 transfer both times I only had 3 viable embryos but both times the cycles have been a success. It only takes one good egg 😉

    • Makers Daughter says:

      This is giving me some hope. Thank you so much. I had only one egg today, so fingers crossed that it will become an embryo.

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