Trial number two! Fingers crossed.

Ugh! I just came back from a fun morning in the hospital.

After miscarrying in December, I wanted to re-start the fertility treatment as quickly as possible so when with my following menstruation the doctor told me NO GO because of another cyst (I have endometriosis, so I get cysts like somebody who gets zits) I was so disappointed. I needed to wait for my next menstruation and hopefully the cyst would be gone by then. But no, that’s my luck, the cyst was still there and even bigger than before. Meaning that the doctor decided to suck the sucker out today. And that’s what happened this morning. Bye bye cyst this morning, hello hormones tonight. I’m so totally looking forward to using my tummy as a needle cushion again. N-O-T!

So here we go. Trial number two. I just need to surrender my wishes to the will of God and know that if it’s meant to happen, it will.

BTW, yes i am a Christian woman who chooses for IVF. I used to be ashamed about it at times…plus other Christians are very ‘generous’ about giving their opinion, without even being fully educated over the matter. So, I’ll elaborate on the subject of why IVF was right for us and can be a blessing from God in my next post.

God bless people, have a great almost weekend and keep my in your thoughts please!


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4 thoughts on “Trial number two! Fingers crossed.

  1. I’m glad the cyst is out and you can get home and start trying again. There is nothing to be ashamed of with using IVF just as it is nothing to be ashamed of if you were taking high blood pressure medication. Both are medical treatments.
    I’m glad you posted this so that other women who might be considering IVF will be encouraged and see that it has nothing to do with their faith or walk with God. Big hugs to you.

  2. Izzy says:

    Yeah for tummy pin cushion time! Sorta… I had to use my rear and thighs. It’s good that you’re speaking as a Christian. I am a Christian desperately seeking medical assistance to get that BFP. I am also a woman who has watched the medical community almost kill my husband then spend years trying to keep him alive, so I have no issue whatsoever seeking assistance for the chance to hold that precious little blessing in my arms. Blessings and Baby Dust your way!

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