Excuse me? Soldier’s Wife Gives Baby Up For Adoption While Dad Is Gone

Hi guys. It’s been some time since my last post. Much has been going on and I hope to be able to blog about it in the near future.

But for the time being I wanted to share an article with you ‘Soldier’s Wife Gives Baby Up For Adoption While Dad Is Gone, Takes Nearly Two Years To Get Her Back

Have you heard about the story? I will try to explain it in a nutshell.

  • An Army drill instructor and his wife are expecting a baby
  • The army officer prepares for the coming of his child. Picked out the name Teleah and had leave approved by his commanding officers.
  • As I understood it, the expecting mother was become increasingly worried about ending up as single mom, this is probably due to the fact that there have been marital problems and so she suggested an abortion or adoption. The father was stationed in South Carolina, but let his wife stay in Texas to be near her family for the upcoming birth.
  • The expectant mother left ten days after her husband left Texas, to go to Utah where she began the adoption procedure.
  • She cut off all contact with her husband prior to giving birth on March 1, 2011.
  • The husband hadn’t heard from his wife until she phoned him in June. Informing him about the adoption.
  • Teleah was given the name Leah by her adoptive parents.
  • After 21 months the father regained his legal rights as her father and  a judge has ordered the Utah couple to return their adopted toddler to her biological father .

This story just so disturbing. It goes against everything adoption is meant to do and then some …Adoption isn’t a game. It’s not a means for biological parents to exact some sick sort of revenge on someone else. It’s a way for biological parents and would-be adoptive parents to come together with a common goal: to give a child a great life.

My heart goes out the father, who was anticipating her birth only to be deceived and robbed of his daughter first years on this world.

My heart equally goes out to the adoptive parents who have been ordered to give the girl back to her dad in 60 days, because one person didn’t understand what this was all about: Tira Bland, Achane’s now ex-wife, who allegedly set this whole adoption scheme up behind his back. They have loved her, cared for her, making plans for her but in the end, they will have to let it all go and are expected to just hand her over and forget.

But my heart goes out to the biggest victim in this all. Little Teleah, or will she remain Leah? Adoption is supposed to be about the kids and what is in their best interests, and this case has done anything but give this little girl a good start in life. Again, someone has been let down by the system.

What do you think?

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