Not so ‘Wordless Wednesday’ : Wireless Communication

Wireless Connection


How long has it been since you sent Him a text, a BBM or a Whatsapp if you prefer, just to thank Him or to give Him praise? Most of our prayers are to ASK Him for something, but He deserves our praise and our thanks. Send Him a text today…right now. Just think of all the things you are thankful for and praise Him for it! I promise, you will have a whole list of things you will like to talk to Him about. Concentrate on thanking Him today. We usually end up asking Him for help and things, at least most days we do, but today, let’s just give Him PRAISE!

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2 thoughts on “Not so ‘Wordless Wednesday’ : Wireless Communication

    • Makers Daughter says:

      Indeed! It’s hard to remember that while things might not be going as well…but we shouldn’t forget.

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