My POV on 8 different Photography iPhone Apps

I’m going to get a bit tech-savvy today. I have an iPhone addiction you see (is there a an iPhone addiction anonymous group somewhere?) I just adore my iPhone! I mean, really, really love it. When I hear the sweet sound of an alert that I have customized to the heavens, I get all giddy. Makes my husband jealous sometimes I think. I equally love to try out new apps and that’s why I will be sharing with you the apps that I have, love or am not quite sure about of yet.
I will be breaking down my posts to : Social, Photography, God stuff and Miscellaneous apps.
So here we go , today : Photography apps.

My Photography Folder

1. Instagram (Free) : If you are an iPhone or Android owner, you will probably know what Instagram is by now. Even if it’s only due to the fact that Facebook has dished out1 billion dollars cash for it.

What can Instagram do ? Photo sharing, Photo manipulation and it has it’s very own Social Network. I love it for all of those reasons.

You have all sorts of different kinds of filters that you can use to give it that “Vintage Look” that we all love. Plus you can use other enhancement apps to give it that extra touch. I use the next apps on my list for that main purpose.


2. Grid Lens ($0.99/0.79 €) : Grid Lens is an app created by Bucket Labs, It automatically let’s you create a photo grid, taking multiple photos at once, or allowing you to manually fill in each frame as you like. You can take photos in each frame to essentially create your own story. I love playing around with this one and once I’m happy with the end result, I post it to Instagram or I’ll just send it by email to the grandparents.

Grid Lens

3. Snapseed ($4.99/3.99 €) : My opinion? Best editing app E-V-E-R! I especially love using this on my iPad as well as on my iPhone.Best  79 cents spent on an app. Snapseed isn’t the Apple-designated best iPad app of 2011 for nothing you know. It can do amazing things with your photos. This guy here over at Xposurepro is the one who won me over. Go have a look at his review.


4. Marblecam (free) : Hmpf, The only thing that you can do with this app is put a large digitalised drop in the middle of your pic, reflecting the pic underneath, reversed. Euh, understood? If you are willing to give up 2.6 MB of space on your phone for an app that you’ll probably just try out once or twice…go ahead. It’s free anyway, maybe your more creative than me.


5. Pix (Free) :  This is another editing app. It has 30 filters, 24 film layers and 16 frames. What I like about his app is that you can choose random filters,layers and frames and then save your favourite combination for the next time. I recommend this app as one to complement the Snapseed app but not as an alternative to it. However, this app is free…


6. Camera Professional Effects ($0.99/0.79 €) : I actually had to recheck my billing information because I couldn’t believe that I had spent money on this app. I mean, it’s not horrible, but it should be up there with the free apps. The only thing you can actually do with it is change the hues of a pic. But to be honest, I only got it yesterday and I’ve been reading some reviews from users who have said that this app is great for solving those pics with bad lighting issues. My advice, if you don’t have good lighting, don’t take the pic. It’s just a waste of time and space.

Camera Professional Effects

7. Comic Touch Lite (Free) : This is just a funny app. It adds comic text balloons to your pics. I’ve only used it once but probably use it again in the future. Just for a laugh.

Comic Touch Lite

8. Oldbooth ($1.99/1.59 €) : Again, another app that I have paid for and am left wondering why. It is funny and I have been able to irritate my husband with the pics I have made of him. My teenage son likes using it more than me, so maybe it’s more for that kind of crowd?

OldBooth works by using a new photo you’ve shot with the iPhone’s camera or an existing one from your library, and merging just the face with the rest of the image. I’ve merged my husbands face to a 1940’s pic of a sailor. But not all the images are free. So you pay the $1.99 but still need to upgrade…Don’t think that I will be doing that. Sorry Oldbooth, you have been given me some laughs.


So these where a few of my photography apps. I’m far from a professional photographer but I love taking pics and playing with them. You could have a bazillion apps, yet for me, I only use Instagram and Snapseed on a daily basis. But sometimes a bad picture is just a bad picture.

Did you disagree with some of my point of views? Maybe I’m doing something wrong? Maybe there is another app that I just-need-to try out? Let me know!

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