My POV on 8 different Social iPhone apps

I’m going to get a bit tech-savvy today. I have an iPhone addiction you see (is there a an iPhone addiction anonymous group somewhere?) I just adore my iPhone! I mean, really, really love it. When I hear the sweet sound of an alert that I have customized to the heavens, I get all giddy. Makes my husband jealous sometimes I think. I equally love to try out new apps and that’s why I will be sharing with you the apps that I have, love or am not quite sure about of yet. My POV on 8 different Social iPhone apps.
I will be breaking down my posts to : Social, Photography, God stuff and Miscellaneous apps.
So here we go , today : social apps.


This is my social app folder

1.Facebook (free): Is there someone out there who hasn’t have the Facebook app on their phone? It’s a must have app for someone who’s a social addict. Unfortunately Facebook still needs to do some work on this app. I often have to keep on refreshing the screen to get the latest feeds plus it often will give me notifications that I’ve already seen on the phone or it won’t notify me at all. Plus I’ve heard of some security problems? Still, wouldn’t go without and so I guess Facebook knows that and isn’t making it’s number one priority to optimize the app.

2.Twitter (free): Love it, no complaints. I’ve tried out Hootsuite app for awhile and just removed it the other day. I rather use the Twitter app instead.

3.Whatsapp ($0.99/0.79 €): This app is normally down there next to my mail app on the home screenof my iPhone. It’s probably one of the apps that I use the most. Living in Europe and having my family living all in North America, this app is a must have for me so I can stay in touch daily and for free.

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS. WhatsApp Messenger is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia and yes, those phones can all message each other.

What I don’t like about the app are the regular bugs. However Whatsapp does do a lot of updates, so That shows that they at least are trying.

4.Skype (free): Another great must have app. Text for free and call for free. The only issue I have is the connection, but that will probably be due to my provider. Grr.

5.Hookt (free): I’ve only downloaded this one yesterday because my dad sent me an invite after my sister told him to. My first opinion, it does what whatsapp has done for me for years. So, I’m pretty skeptical. But ok, I’ll give it a try, just because my sister says so.

6.Smartr (free): It’s basically an app that makes a database of all your contacts. Pretty useful if you want to play Big Brother. I’ve discovered naughty people who have neglected to tell me that they also have a Twitter account or an extra email address as an example. Yes daughter, I know about that now! Will I be using it regularly? Probably not. Only to maybe keep an eye on the kids. Whoehahaha.

7.Find Friends (free): This is another Big Brother app. I like the graphics, but to be honest, would you really want people to know where you are? At all times? Considering the non-existent acceptations of my invites to Find Friends, I guess not.

8.Pinterest (free): To actually write about this app I had to open it on my iPhone. That’s how often I use it. Maybe it’s because I use the other apps so frequently that I don’t actually get around to this app, unless I’m hanging out in the doctor’s waiting room. However, I do LOVE Pinterest, so , it’s not personal. I just prefer using it on my desktop, while I ‘m supposed to be blogging.

So this is my list and comments on the social apps that I have personally. My next post will be about my favorite Photography apps.

Please share with me your absolutely fav social apps! Or tell me what you think of the ones I mentioned. Or if you can maybe recommend me some other apps that I can try out let me know.We can all learn something new each day!

Let’s socialize!


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4 thoughts on “My POV on 8 different Social iPhone apps

  1. I’m the one! (without the Facebook app). I have a ba-zillion apps, I’m app-addicted, but not that one. : )

    I know what you mean about LOVING your iPhone. I feel the same way. I can’t imagine living without it … with all it can do.

    • Makers Daughter says:

      Really? No Facebook app? And do you have a Facebook account? This really boggles my mind, lol. 😀

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