My nominees for the Beautiful Blogger Award

Yaaaaay! I’ve been wonderfully nominated by Sue,  blogger of  the Wild Geese blog. I don’t know what it actually means, is there a prize attached? Will my picture be in the news paper? Maybe I won a cruise?

Oh well, I don’t think so, but thank you so very much Sue for liking my blog enough to want to nominate me. Maybe it’s something that just happens in the blogging world? I dunno  but the fact is, I am grateful . I appreciate anyone who reads my stuff and I extend a warm welcome to everyone and anyone.

Now I need to choose some nominees. I decided to choose from my personal bookmark list of inspirational adoptee bloggers whom I  love to follow plus a very special earthy/hobo mom blogger. You learn something each day, you expand your horizons, and you see out of the box. Thank you ladies for having such inspirational blogs !beautifulbloggeraward21

And my nominees are (drumroll…..) :

Emilie from Never Said Goodbye

Sarah  from Walk Slowly, Live Wildly

Rebecca from Love is not a pie

Jenn from Insert Bad Movie Title here


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6 thoughts on “My nominees for the Beautiful Blogger Award

  1. Congrats! You deserve the nomination very much. I love your writing and I read it often with my wife, she is adopted from India. We always find great insights and often find help with things she might be going through. Thanks so much and again, congrats.

  2. emilie says:

    Thanks! Sarah at walk slowly live wildly is not an adoptee tho- unless I missed something:) I just love her and her family- been following her for years. She was the first blog I ever followed back when my kids were babies :)

    • Makers Daughter says:

      Yes, I know, I kind of made a mistake in editing my post before posting it, roll eyes.

      I corrected it now. I just love her blog !

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