Everyone wants a piece of my Rice Krispies treat

Wow, an advantage at being a Canadian in a European country- Almost anything you make, as simple and as common as it is at home, they’ll love it.

We had our annual church picnic today. Oh boy, the stress. I decided staying at home in the morning instead of going to church, due to my son having to study for his exams,we could then enjoy the picnic in the afternoon.

I spent all morning making sandwiches,egg and tzaziki and slicing my RiceKrispies treats I had made the day before. That on it’s own seemed quite the “challenge”, I made it to sticky, so I and the rest of the family spent an hour trying to cut the freaking stuff up.

The weather was as usual here, sad for a June month, nonetheless we made our way to the park, trying to call at least 10 people trying to find out where they where at,only to find out by a text message that the picnic was moved to the church due to the, grayish…cold …depressing weather.

Once we actually got to church, everyone had already ate…grrr…but nonetheless, I set my foods on the table and yes! YES! The rice Krispies were a hit. After posting pics on my FB page people were asking me (begging I would think) for my simple, ordinary North American treat.*tear*

Oh yes, I’m a proud Canadian! 😀


How do I make them less sticky next time?

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4 thoughts on “Everyone wants a piece of my Rice Krispies treat

  1. sabrinadankel says:

    Haha, yes, we European people LOVE food from other parts of the world – and everything Canadian, American or Australian is considered very hip anyway. And your Krispies do look great!
    Have a good week!

  2. Tab Iftikhar says:

    I stumbled upon your blog! =D And I like it! =D Plus I like your rice krispies even if I have never tried them before since I belong to a middle eastern background!

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